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In 2018, Channel 8 Longmont did a great series of interviews with artists on the tour. You can see the whole segment here, or just watch my segment above! Am I ready for late night TV yet..?
Upcoming Exhibitions...Are Cancelled, or Rescheduled, or Online! Due to COVID-19

There are many events in the works, but nothing is set until we get this pandemic under control! I am hopeful that we will have more in-person events this summer...but, please, do the world and your family and friends a favor no matter what you think about vaccinations, and get the Covid-19 vaccination as soon as possible. Public health is as simple as being a good citizen of our planet and not going it alone.  It's not about politics, it's about common sense. We'll get through it together, but only together.

La Veta Gallery On Main

La Veta Gallery On Main

This little gallery tucked away in a beautiful part of Colorado has a great collection of ceramics, and other art, by Colorado artists. I am pleased to be one of their featured artists this year! Definitely a destination spot--make a plan to spend the weekend in the mountains.

Cheers! Drink Up!
July 2 - August 2, 2021
Commwheel Artists' Co-op
I have work again in this wonderful cup show, and you can view it in person! It is worth the trip to see Manitou Springs, CO...but if you can't, you can find the show online.
Covid Cancelled.jpg

Upcoming Workshops

Glazed & Confused: What You Do And Don't Need

To Know About Glazes

A two-day hands-on workshop

The next workshop is coming up in 2018 

This is my  "low chemistry" approach to learn how to critically evaluate a glaze recipe, tweak it, and test it in order to end up with a glaze worth using. You'll go back to your studio with a new understanding of glaze ingredients and the confidence to use them. Over the years I've helped many potters take control of their glazes and discover how to find the glazes that best suit their studio work. 

The last workshop was held held at the

Arvada Ceramic Arts Guild


The next workshop?

You can contact me to schedule this two-day workshop in your area. Or, I can teach the workshop in my studio with a group of 6-8 students--contact me if you're interested in scheduling!

The Mug Initiative

The Mug Initiative works to replace the swag mug produced solely for the purpose of advertising, and the machine made mug devoid of human warmth, with the individually made pottery mug. The goal of The Mug Initiative’s efforts is reinvigorated face-to-face socializing, renewed artistic appreciation, and a recommitment to human understanding.
Check back here for info on the next Mug Initiative Event!